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November 17, 2015

CardioSolution delivers complete interventional cardiology service lines to regional and rural hospitals nationwide. We bring the most talented and qualified cardiologists in the country to you.

Our services include:

Delivering cardiovascular services to your community

For communities that would like to expand or start cardiovascular service lines (interventional or diagnostic), we offer a complete solution including assessment, ROI forecasting, providing the cardiologists, outreach/marketing, and physician oversight.

Converting your current diagnostic-only cath lab to a full-service interventional cath lab

Many communities currently have some diagnostic services available to them – either through a general cardiologist they employ or more often through a private practice. We can expand current service lines and provide the necessary resources to build a quality program.

Launching new cardiology services—seeing patients, doing diagnostics, taking call, conducting outreach

We don’t look to create client relationships; we create partnerships. We take the time to learn the nuances of your current program, the culture of your region, the dynamics of your facility, the needs of your community, and the history of your hospital. Once we’ve determined what your unique and specific goals are, we develop a package that will uniquely benefit your facility.