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Is your market large enough for a 24/7/365
Interventional Cardiology program?

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Our experience specializing in regional markets, along with our ability to procure and provide the most talented cardiologists available, allows us to build, maintain, and expand your cardiology service lines.

Does your hospital have the volume needed to grow a partnership with CardioSolution?
The likelihood is yes! We would love to speak with you about how the expansion of your service lines can benefit your community and your bottom line.

This information is based on data from previous programs. CardioSolution captures an average of 40% of the market share in the first year. These numbers represent conservative projections, accounting for 75% of anticipated procedural volume and revenue. Historically, CardioSolution programs see a 46% increase in procedural volume from year one to year two, and a 24% increase from year two to year three.