What does CardioSolution do?
We provide a wide range of cardiology service lines to regional hospitals nationwide. More specifically, we launch or augment the cardiology department for regional hospitals that may not, for a variety of reasons, be able to hire or secure consistent employment from interventional cardiologists.

We do this by recruiting world-class interventional cardiologists and sending them to our regional hospital clients on a rotational basis. We provide the physicians, conduct marketing and outreach, guarantee 24/7/365 coverage, and seek ways to improve patient care, as well as hospital revenue. We have a vested interest in our hospital partners’ success.

Can you assess our specific situation and cater a package to us?
Yes we can! And, furthermore, we will take the time needed to learn the nuances of your specific situation, the culture of your region, the dynamics of your hospital, the needs of your community, and your hospital’s history. Once we’ve determined what your unique and specific needs are, we will cater a package to you that makes sense for your hospital. We will start by conducting interviews with your senior leadership team, followed by a face to face visit to meet your team and learn more about your circumstances.

How will patients benefit immediately?
In some cases, our services benefit patients as soon as day 1. Patients that come in with chest pains now have the option to receive a diagnostic from your hospital, knowing that if an interventional procedure is required it can be performed right there on the spot in your location.

How many patients are redirecting themselves before they even make it to your facility knowing that an intervention is not possible in your hospital? How many more patients who live in your catchment area will come to your facility for care once they learn that this new service is available? Many of our hospital clients have been shipping patients out for years even though they have a fully functioning catheterization lab – they just don’t have an interventional cardiologist to utilize it!

What is our cost and when will we see an ROI?
Cost varies based on the services that CardioSolution will be providing your facility.

Within a year, we can dramatically change your cardiology department for the better and impact your hospital’s bottom line for all departments.

How quickly can you get started?
The quicker we can set up an agreement with your hospital, the quicker we can start the process. Our process starts by taking an assessment of your current circumstances. We then prepare a comprehensive strategy specifically for your needs.

In some cases, we can get started right away. In other cases, we may have to license one of our physicians in your state. Because some states have a longer licensing process than others, the time it takes to complete this step may vary.

How is this different from locums?
Locum tenens services provide an important and vital component to hospitals. Our service acts as an extension of what a locums firm does. Where locums firms provide a “stop-gap” filler for a necessary position much like a temp or contractor would do, CardioSolution takes it a big step further. We consider your hospital a partner and we seek out ways to increase patient care and loyalty, add new patients, increase your hospital revenue, and market your hospital and the new services that together, we provide to the community. We are an active and motivated partner in your success!

What is the charge for a PCI compared to diagnostics?
Hospitals that currently offer only diagnostic services are not always aware of the significant revenue stream that is missed by not offering angioplasty – or, PCI (percutaneous coronary intervention). Each state has its own price point charge for PCIs, but a good estimate is that by adding interventional cardiology services to your existing service line, you could easily double your department’s revenue.

What kinds of marketing/outreach will you do?
Our ability to conduct an outreach/marketing campaign sets us apart and will positively impact your hospital almost immediately. At CardioSolution, we have an in-house marketing specialist to provide our partners with everything they need to share their new service offerings with the community.

We conduct “meet and greets” where our physicians and marketing teams network with emergency department doctors, emergency medical professionals, primary care physicians and others. We hand out business cards with cell phone numbers so that they will know that our doctors are available to them for questions and interaction. When they get to know us, they will be all the more likely to trust our service and refer patients to us.

Can you work with our current cardiologist?
Absolutely! In many cases, our clients have a cardiologist currently – either one that is employed by the hospital or one or two that are part of a private practice. Our goal is to serve you, our hospital client, so we will approach a working relationship with your existing cardiologist as you see fit. Our coverage is flexible based on what each client’s situation may require.

We are used to partnering with other general and interventional cardiologists and we embrace the opportunity to work with them, cover them when appropriate, and augment their work. In many cases, we are able to offer assistance, outreach, additional coverage, and other benefits that they will appreciate. And, more importantly, they understand that we are there to serve our hospital client, not to compete with them as a physician practice.

If you have a question that isn’t answered here or you’d like to learn more about what CardioSolution has to offer please feel free to contact us for further information.