Services overview

If your hospital doesn’t have a cardiology cath lab or currently offers diagnostic-only services within an existing cath lab, we can be the solution that makes the difference! CardioSolution offers a range of fully customizable service lines that can be tailored to your facility’s needs including:

Complete Interventional Cardiology Service

CardioSolution will launch a Full-Service Interventional Cardiology program that delivers consistent, sustainable coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We provide the board-certified physicians, guarantee coverage, and conduct community outreach and marketing. The benefit to your patients can be dramatic and instantaneous, and your facility retains revenue and patient loyalty.

Diagnostic to Full-Service Cardiology Line Conversion

Many communities currently have some diagnostic services available to them, either through a general cardiologist employed by the local hospital or, more often, through a private practice. CardioSolution can expand your current service line and provide the necessary resources to build a quality program.

Supporting an Existing Cardiology Program

Hospitals that currently offer interventional cardiology to their patients may often bring on locums physicians to cover for their regular physicians. CardioSolution can step in to guarantee availability during weekends, holidays, and other breaks in coverage while maintaining the consistency of your program.

Staffing Your Cath Lab in the Short-Term

Looking for an interventional cardiologist? We can provide one to keep you covered in the meantime. Your patients will see the same physician each time they walk through the door and you’ll be able to maintain 24/7 coverage while you look for a long-term solution.

Our service lines are flexible. Once we’ve determined what your facility’s unique and specific needs are, we work with you to build a package to you that makes sense for your individual community and facility.