Why partner with CardioSolution?

November 17, 2015

We want to be your partner in delivering the absolute highest level of cardiology services to your community. What can partnering with CardioSolution offer your facility and your patients?

Increased Patient Care

Give your patients access to superior cardiology services when and where they need it most. By directly providing interventional cardiology services, your patients will immediately recognize the increased level of care and associate that superior level of care with your hospital.

Patient Loyalty

Our loyalty is to our hospital clients and our patients’ loyalty is to our hospital clients. Some regional hospitals are held hostage by physician practices or independent practitioners that may even be out-of-town. We ensure that YOUR patients stay YOUR patients.

Hospital Revenue

Stop transferring your patients out for interventional cardiology services and start retaining that revenue for your hospital. Our model guarantees a significant increase in revenue to you, as well as indirect and ancillary revenue that will arise from expanding your patient care.

Ancillary Services

The list of ancillary services generated from your new fully-functional interventional cardiology service line is a significant factor. Your hospital will experience an abundance of additional patient utilization and revenue from other departments.

Community Outreach

We actively market our services and your hospital to patients. We make it our business to get the word out to EMTs, Emergency Department Doctors and primary care physicians in your community. We understand that their confidence in us (and you) makes a huge difference in their willingness to refer patients. We treat the local community like partners!

Our Coverage Guarantee

We will guarantee 24 hour, 7 day a week, 365 day a year coverage so you will never have to contend with hiring/firing permanent employees, spending time and funds to bring on locum doctors, or experiencing lapses in coverage which cost you valuable revenue and patient confidence.

Availability, Affability, Ability

We stand by our motto in all we do. We welcome the opportunity to make ourselves available to your community by offering daily office hours, direct and immediate access to our cardiologists by pager and cell phone, and direct access to our medical director.

Our physicians are patient-focused and deliver the highest level of care. Every cardiologist on our team is highly credentialed, has completed a large volume of interventional cases, and is able to function as an independent professional.