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Alternatives to utilizing locum tenens physicians

Have you ever relied on locum tenens coverage while searching for a permanent physician? Or to cover for your physicians’ vacations or sick time? If so, it may be time to consider alternative options. Locum tenens can be very convenient, but also very expensive. Even short stretches of coverage can add up quickly. Furthermore, locum…

November 19, 2018

Meet the Team: Office Coordinator, Jessica Russell

How long have you been with CardioSolution? What did you do before this? I have been with CardioSolution for 3 years. Before this, I worked at a (plant and gift) mail order company. I started as a customer service agent but was promoted to Quality Monitoring, and then to an Operations Support team member. I…

November 16, 2018

The cost of nursing labor

Earlier this year, KPMG released their latest U.S. Hospital Nursing Labor Costs report which takes a look at current staffing trends and strategies. For this report, KPMG surveyed 100 hospital executives throughout the United States. Three of the main findings in regards to the cost of labor are as follows: Travel nurses have a higher…

November 6, 2018