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For many years, we ran a thriving cardiovascular program run by a cardiologist local to Prestonsburg. However, we found ourselves facing a significant challenge when he accepted an offer to join a larger practice.

We attempted to fill the void on our own, but none of the traditional recruitment methods were working so we opted to partner with CardioSolution. They had an excellent recruiting and staffing model in place and more importantly, they took the time to listen and fully appreciate the unique needs of both the hospital and the community we serve.

Virtually overnight, they had our cardiovascular program up and running. Patient volume went from almost zero to over 400 a month. Diagnostic catheter procedures went from a dozen a year to over 300.

With CardioSolution's help, we were able to apply for and receive the Certificate of Need required to build a 24/7 STEMI program. They got our Cath Lab up to par, provided us with two highly qualified physicians and all of the necessary staff to get the program off the ground, and in September of 2017, we performed the first ever PCI in Prestonsburg, KY.

Bud Warman
CEO, Highlands Health System

At Brownwood, our interventional cardiology program had struggled for a while due to lack of stable providers. Although we knew the opportunity was substantial, we were reticent to re-launch the program for fear of shutting down again due to provider turnover.

CardioSolution stepped in and provided the analysis we needed to confirm the viability of the program. They also presented us with top-tier physicians to cover the schedule as well as back-up physicians to cover holidays and emergencies. They also developed and operate a physician practice that works cooperatively with the hospital to ensure outstanding patient care and access to diagnostics.

The CardioSolution model is unique and allows us to tap into a network of high-quality interventional cardiologists, which provides for a very stable coverage model and excellent care. CardioSolution has proved very flexible, making adjustments to the program to accommodate the changing situation at the hospital. They staffed the program during a time when our cath lab was down and then resumed interventions in a mobile lab environment. We are now constructing a new lab inside the hospital and CardioSolution will assist with implementation of that lab and will adjust the physician schedule to provide 24/7 STEMI coverage at the hospital for the first time.

CardioSolution is a powerful and flexible partner for any regional hospital looking to implement or expand its cardiology service line.

Chip Camp
Former CEO, Brownwood Regional Medical Center