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A message from CardioSolution Co-Founder, Perrin Peacock

Thank you for your commitment to providing life-saving care, despite the risks. I hope you are safe and healthy during this unprecedented time. I wanted to take a moment to let you all know that COVID-19 isn’t stopping us. In fact, the need is even greater now and we are blessed to be growing, but we remain…

April 29, 2020

Heart Disease Doesn’t Mix Well with COVID-19

Commentary by Perrin Peacock, Co-Founder of CardioSolution My neighbor, referring to his fear of COVID-19 exposure, should he need to go to a hospital for another health-related issue, jokingly said, “These days if I broke my arm, I’d set it myself.” Those fears, unfortunately, are not unfounded. According to the American College of Cardiology (ACC):…

April 6, 2020

A year in review

CardioSolution physicians, associates, and friends, 2019 was a remarkable year for CardioSolution! We started cardiology programs in communities that have never had an interventional cardiology service line previously. We completed more than 1,100 PCIs with outstanding quality outcomes. We saved time and heart muscle by bringing our board-certified interventional cardiologists to our hospital clients, thereby…

January 22, 2020
avoiding malpractice

5 ways to prevent a malpractice lawsuit

Each year, 1 in 14 physicians will face a medical malpractice lawsuit. Medical malpractice can take many forms: a poor outcome during a procedure, an incorrect diagnosis, or even a mistake made in the patient’s record. While more than 90% of suits are settled outside of court, most with no payment to the plaintiff, those…

October 18, 2019

Elevating your career as a Cath Lab Rad Tech

Radiologic Technologists, or Rad Techs, come in behind physicians and nurses as the third largest group of healthcare professionals in the country. They are responsible for assisting in the diagnosis and treatment of disease or injury by creating images of patients using imaging equipment such as MRI, x-ray, or CT. In the Cath Lab, Rad…

August 13, 2019