Frequently Asked Questions

What does CardioSolution do?
We offer a wide range of cardiology service line solutions to regional hospitals nationwide. More specifically, we partner with hospitals that may not be able to secure the resources needed to hire interventional cardiologists or keep them on staff, launch a 24/7 cardiology program, or take a diagnostic program to a full-scale interventional program.

Can you assess our situation and create a solution specific to our hospital?
Yes, we can! We take time to learn the nuances of your hospital’s present situation and the needs of the communities you serve. Once we’ve determined what your unique and specific needs are, we will provide you with a program that makes the most sense for your hospital. Each piece of the program is customizable and it’s up to you to determine what stays and what goes.

How will our patients benefit?
Your new cardiology program will benefit patients as soon as day 1. Patients with chest pain will now have the option to receive a diagnostic from your hospital, knowing that if an interventional procedure is required it can be performed right on the spot. They will no longer have to be transported by ambulance or helicopter to a hospital an hour or more away from home to get the quality care they need, saving valuable time and money.

What is the anticipated turnaround time from signed agreement to program launch?
The timeline for launching a 24/7 interventional program depends largely on your hospital’s current situation. Without a cath lab, the buildout process could take one to two years, but there are options available to get the program kicked off sooner, such as a mobile or modular lab or starting as a diagnostic-only program until the lab is ready. With a cath lab already present, we can almost always get the program started as soon as we have the staff.

How is CardioSolution different from a locum tenens agency?
Locum tenens agencies provide an important and vital component to hospitals. They provide a “stop-gap” filler for a necessary position much like a temp or contractor would do, but CardioSolution takes it a big step further. We provide the staff, conduct marketing and outreach, guarantee 24/7/365 coverage, and seek ways to improve patient care, as well as hospital revenue.

Why convert a diagnostic program to a full service interventional program?
Converting your program from diagnostic-only to full service interventional cardiology can increase access to emergency care, drive patient loyalty back to your hospital, and boost production in cardiology and in the hospital as a whole. Once your patients know that they can get life-saving care close to home, they will be more likely to come to your hospital for all of their healthcare needs!

How do you work to build a program once it’s established?
At CardioSolution, we have an in-house marketing specialist to provide our partners with everything they need to share their new service offerings with the communities they serve.
We schedule “meet and greet” sessions for our physicians to network with emergency department doctors, emergency medical professionals, primary care physicians, and most importantly, members of the community. In addition, we can collaborate with your team to create advertisements, plan events, and brainstorm ways to generate a larger market share.

Can you work with our current cardiologist(s)?
Absolutely! We are used to partnering with other general and interventional cardiologists and we embrace the opportunity to work with them, cover them when appropriate, and augment their work. In many cases, we are able to offer assistance, outreach, additional coverage, and other benefits that they will appreciate.
If you have a question that isn’t answered here or you’d like to learn more about what CardioSolution has to offer, you can fill out the form below or reach out to us directly by calling 866-755-7519 or sending an email to

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