Referral Bonus Program

Do you know a hospital that needs a cardiology program?
CardioSolution can help!

We are looking for hospitals that meet any of these criteria:

  • Hospital that has two interventional cardiologists with one or more of them leaving or not performing the way they should
  • Hospital with several cardiologists, but is losing one or more of them soon
  • Hospital with a cath lab but not enough interventional cardiologists to staff it adequately
  • Rural hospital with no cath lab, but has an ED volume of 10K or more and is shipping out 250 patients or more, to a larger facility

We are always looking for new facilities that would be great candidates for a CardioSolution program! Refer any hospital that has the above criteria and you could receive up to $20,000!

$20,000 – Referral bonus for a hospital that partners with us for 3+ years

$10,000 – Referral bonus for a hospital that partners with us for 1-3 years

Do you have friends or colleagues that may be interested in working with CardioSolution?

We’re on the lookout for excellent interventional and general cardiologists, as well as Cath Lab RNs, Cath Lab Techs, and Service Line Directors. We are rapidly growing and we have both immediate and future needs to fill nationwide!

$10,000 – Referral bonus for any physician that goes on to work for us

$500 – Referral bonus for any Cath Lab RN, Tech, or Service Line Director that goes on to work for us

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What happens after submit my referral?

CardioSolution representatives will review each submission, do additional research and, if warranted, will follow up directly with the hospital. If the hospital’s management team has interest in CardioSolution, the sales process can take anywhere from 3 months to 2 years to complete. If CardioSolution signs a contract with the hospital, a CardioSolution representative will contact the submitter to arrange payment.

Payment amounts:

  • For a contract of at least three years in length which includes 24/7/365 physician coverage = $20,000
  • For a contract of at least one year but less than three years in length and/or includes less than 24/7/365 physician coverage = $10,000


  • As noted above, CardioSolution will make a referral payment when 1)a contract of at least one year in length is signed by both CardioSolution and the hospital in question and 2)a valid and complete referral for that hospital was submitted and 3)such referral was submitted prior to CardioSolution having sales contact or interaction with that hospital. In other words, CardioSolution will not make referral payments if CardioSolution representatives were engaged with that hospital prior to any referral being submitted.
  • Under no circumstances will CardioSolution make more than one referral payment per qualified, signed hospital contract
  • CardioSolution will not make payments to individuals that are in active dispute with or owe money to CardioSolution or its associated companies
  • Only individual persons are qualified to participate in this referral program. Companies or other organizations are not entitled to participate.
  • Prior to payment, submitter must complete and submit all necessary forms and information to permit CardioSolution to make payment and to submit all required information to all taxing authorities.
  • Submitters must also complete, sign and submit a release indicating that no additional payments beyond the referral payment will be made and that the recipient is an independent contractor of CardioSolution and not an employee. Submitter will certify in this release that he or she is not under any contractual obligation (as part of an employment agreement, non-compete agreement or other agreement) that would be violated by accepting a referral payment from CardioSolution.
  • In all matters, CardioSolution will make payments only if, in its sole discretion, it believes all qualifications for payment under this program have been met.