What does a Cath Lab RN do?

Generally speaking, Cath Lab RNs assist physicians with procedures in the Cath Lab such as stent placements, insertion of pacemakers, and emergency interventions. They are responsible for providing care before, during, and after the patients’ procedures. Below, you’ll find a more detailed breakdown of the duties they perform.

Patient evaluation and preparation

RNs in the Cath Lab prepare patients for their procedure. They take vital signs, administer any necessary medications, and check heart rhythm before the physician begins their examination of the patient. In addition, they are responsible for ensuring that the patient’s chart and records are up-to-date. Prior to the procedure, Cath Lab RNs must obtain the patient’s consent and they’ll likely spend some time answering questions and providing comfort.

Assisting the physician

Cath Lab RNs assist the physician during both scheduled and non-scheduled cardiac procedures in the Cath Lab. They are required to continually monitor the patient’s vital signs and, if the patient is awake during the procedure, keep them calm and reassured. Cath Lab RNs also administer medication based on the physician’s directions before, during, and after the procedure.

Post-procedure care

Following a procedure, the patient is moved to the recovery area, where the Cath Lab RN will monitor them, check their vitals, and update their chart. During the recovery period, they are tasked with watching for signs of infection or side effects related to the procedure. Cath Lab RNs need to be ready to provide treatment if the patient experiences complications such as excessive bleeding or fever.

Patient and family education

Cath Lab RNs provide instruction and education to the patients and their families prior to their discharge from the hospital. This can include information about the procedure, their medications, nutrition guidelines, and instructions for proper care of the surgical site.


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